Elect Entertainment, Stablished in 2006



DWM Public Relations is a boutique firm that provides consulting and media relations for the entertainment industry.

Some of our relationships include Esquire, Maxim, FHM, Playboy TV, Bravo Tv, E! Entertainment & MORE!


Rates are as follows and will consider very limited TFP depending on the assignment.

Headshots: $300 (2hrs)
Editorial Shoot Rates start at: $1,500
This includes the photography & studio day rate with a guaranteed cover/feature in STYLECRUZE, GMARO or similar publications. (Digital & Print)

Hair: $300, Makeup: $300, Creative Direction & Stying: (Includes 4 outfits pulled by stylist): $1500


520 S Sepulveda Blvd Ste 201
Los Angeles, CA 90049

1620 S Decatur Blvd Ste E
Las Vegas, NV 89102

1700 N Main Ave #104
San Antonio, TX 78212

43 Oneawa St #213
Kailua, HI 96734

PR: Cover or Editorial Mainstream Placements Available.

Magazine Publishings 


L’OFFICIEL (You have to add a 25% VAT to each of these prices)

Digital cover: L’Officiel Cyprus 3,600 euros net, L’Officiel Austria 4,700 euros net and L’Offficie Monaco 6,600 euros net. If you would like numerous countries we can offer a package price, depending on your choice of countries.

They have to approve the client in advanced.

With the cover you get:

Three Instagram posts to L’Officiel Account (Instagram of each country) inclusive of captions, one of which will be the digital cover. The photos for IG have to be resized by the photographer at 1080 x 1080px so they fit on the square shape of IG. If the photos are not resized, L’Officiel will crop them to make them fit.

Two additional images from the same shoot of the client’s choosing. One swipe up link on stories leading to the interview on our website.

Interview (max. 1000 characters) to be published on L’Officiel depending on the country (with questions from L’Officiel) in addition to three further images, one of which will be the digital cover and two of the client’s choosing.

Links to the page will be sent to the client prior to publication. One change is included within the agreement.

Interview appears in an English and maybe another language (depending on country). Translations by L’Officiel.

In order to proceed, we require the following materials:

Digital Cover Image of the client’s choosing. In High Res. Labeled.

Two other images intended for Instagram. In High Res. Labeled.

Two other images intended for lofficiel.at. In High Res. Labeled.

Client’s bio (for the Instagram captions and the interview questions)

Team’s Bio (names and Instagram handles)

Indication of what the client is wearing in each image for the website captions

Print cover: Cyprus 15.100 euros net, Austria 18.600 euros net and Monaco 25.000 euros net. These options include 8 inside pages.

Print covers are only possible if the entire production is in the hands of L’OFFICIEL, meaning the client has to go to Vienna or Monaco for the shoot and they are responsible for the entire concept. This can in no way be chosen by the client.

Online articles:

Cyprus: 2.6K Euros

Austria: 3.1K Euros

Monaco: 4.2K Euros

The photos won’t have the logo on them. It will look like this https://www.lofficiel.at/fashion/fashion-editorial-kristin-hesse



Online article: $4,200 Euros. It’s marked as Brand Voice. Article 400-500 words with 1 horizontal image.


GLAMOUR: (it doesn’t show in Google when you Google the name of the model)

Online article: 2,100 Euros

Digital cover – 3,100 Euros

Print cover with limited newsstand presence in Bulgaria + 6 page inside article (this means that the cover won’t have national distribution everywhere in the country, only in a few places, but it will also be published online and you will receive 20 printed copies) – 5700 euros

Print cover distributed in the whole country: + 6 page inside article – 7,300 euros. The model will receive 20 printed copies.


https://www.i24news.tv/frOnline article: $2,500

https://www.economiematin.fr/  Online article: $2,200

https://designmag.fr/. Online article: $2,200

https://www.bfmtv.com/. Online article: $4,800

https://www.cc-guingamp.fr/. Online article $1700

https://lasueur.com/. $1900

https://www.rom-game.fr/ $1700



All the projects should be approved by the publisher so after you approve the cost and the option below I will send her profile for internal approval
so, we have different offers for Elle Romania

• cover print & digital 1 + shooting 4-6 pages = average cost 17,600 euro + vat + additional costs

• shooting in print and digital edition -4-6 pages = average cost 10,600 euro + vat + additional costs

• back cover – look identical to cover 1 and be positioned upside down (as if you can open the magazine from that side as well) + 4 pages shooting = final costs 10,600 euros + vat + additional costs

• cover digital 1 special supplement* + shooting 4-6 pages = average cost 8.600 euro + vat + additional costs

*it is a special supplement available only online; on the cover we will have the Elle logo identical with the print cover; eg: https://magazines.ringier.ro/editie/elle-best-of-summer/#pagina-1

• online articole on elle.ro  = 3,600 euro+vat (we will receive all the photos by you and we will create an interview dedicated to the model and her activity)

VAT – it is available only for Romania companies or if the invoice is made with a natural person
These prices are final and not negotiable
I mentioned “+ additional expenses” representing transport, accommodation, stylist, photographer … we are discussing them separately after we have received the tests 🙂
payment will be made in advance. 

Due to the current situation with Covid, there is also the possibility for the shooting and mood team to be approved by the Domnica Margescu, Elle Romania Fashion Director; and she can participate in shooting online. It is mandatory that the mood is strictly observed because all the first Elle covers (Romania and other countries) are always approved by France
I mention that the shooting will appear only in Elle Romania.  If we want other Elle licenses to publish it, I will let you know. An article once published in Elle belongs to the licensor in its entirety; but on all materials the partner / client / model will give its final approval before publication.


Harper’s Bazaar:

Print cover

Price of cover 1 including 10% VAT:  USD 19,900

Digital cover:

Price of cover including 10% VAT: USD 8,500

This is what they call The Face of Bazaar, and they can do more than one per month. I have to send them 10 photos.


Online article: $3,100  https://bazaarvietnam.vn/nhan-vat/vikki-lenola-the-vegan-fashion-show/

Splash article: $5,700.

It seems to be like the digital cover article. Here is the link of this article for your reference:

I don’t think they put the name of the model on the photo that looks like the cover, but I’d have to double check.


Harper’s Bazaar

*Plus 25% Tax

Print cover 15k Eur

Digital cover 5.8k Eur

Digital Article: 2,200 Eur: 6 photos and story/interview.


*Plus 25% Tax

Print cover 8.9k Eur

Digital cover 4.3k Eur



*You have to add a 21% for the VAT

Price of main cover 9,800 Euros

There is also a magazine that comes with the main magazine and it is called L’OFFICIEL Lifestyle, or L’OFFICIEL Homes, etc. depending on the month. It looks the same as the main mag except that it says Lifestyle or Homes, etc. and it’s a little thinner (please, check the attached doc to see each option). The price for this one is 6,200 Eur if they do the invoice to a company. If the invoice goes to a person they have to add 21% for the VAT (Value Added Tax)

Price of online article: 2,300 Eur +vat 21% (adding vat if the invoice is for private person). Price is for ready-to-publish article including some corrections. 

The publication goes in Latvian, Russian and English platforms in English. As L’OFFICIEL Baltic they are covering all 3 Baltic countries.



-Print cover plus 5 or 6 inside pages: 11,900 Euros.

-Splash feature: 3.8K Euros for 1 IG post with 5 slide pics (with logo like the cover), online article and 6 print pages. The online article will have 6 photos with the small logo and one of them with the big logo that looks like a cover. Not well positioned Google. https://lofficiel.in/article/a_dessert_in_desert_-6483 (the article would look like this but with the logos)


-Cover plus 5 or 6 pages: 8,500 Euros.

The theme should be related to fitness so the shoot should be inside a gym or a place which define the theme.  


Online Article: Between $5,200 and 5,200 for 6 photos, an introduction and interview. No logo will be placed on the photos.

IG post with 3 photos carrousel style and MARKED AS SPONSORED: $3,100

Article + 1 IG post in a carrousel with 3 images: between $5,200 and $6,200


Hollywood Unlocked:

Online article: $2,800

1 IG Post: $2,500

NY Post:

Online article: $5,300. (ASK ME THE DETAILS)


Online Article: $2,400

OK! Magazine:

Online article: $3,200

Radar Online:

Online article: $2,600

Flaunt magazine:

Online article: $2,200

International Business Times:

Online article: $3,200

Tech Times:

Online article: $2,200

Good Men Project:

Online article: $2,000

E! News/E Online: Could be marked as *Written in Partnership with xxxx

Online article: $4,000


$10,300. It takes a few months to come out. If interested we can discuss farther.


$5.6K for an online article and it takes a few weeks to come out. It shows up on Entrepreneur.com, however it is written by an Indian contributor.


Print cover plus some inside pages $15,500

Online article + IG post $2,200

In Touch Weekly: Marked as *Written in Partnership with xxxx

Online article: $3,200

Life & Style Weekly: Marked as *Written in Partnership with xxxx Online article: $3,200

Star magazine: Marked as *Written in Partnership with xxxx

Online article: $3,200

The Source magazine:

Online article: $1,900

LA Confidential: https://laconfidentialmag.com Could be marked as *Written in Partnership with xxxx

Online article: $2,300

Ocean Drive: Could be marked as *Written in Partnership with xxxx

Online article: $2,350


Online article: $1,750 (In Spanish for people related to Entertainment)


Online article: $1,600 (In Spanish for people related to Entertainment)

Your EDM (Music):

Online article: $1,450

Power 1051. Breakfast Club (Music)


Online article: $1,690

Earnmilk (Music):

Online article: $1,690

The VOU (20M Views)


Online article: $3,200

Vents Magazine:


Online article: $1,400


Online article: $20,000

The VOU https://thevou.com/

Online article: $3,400


Online article: $16K


Online article: $4,400


Online article: $4,400


The Sun

Online article: $5,300 (ASK ME THE DETAILS)

Daily Mail

Online article: $5,300 (ASK ME THE DETAILS)


Online article: $5,300. (ASK ME THE DETAILS)



(Online articles)

BILLBOARD https://billboard.com.ar/: $1,900. We need 1 horizontal photo.

Forbes: $2,300. Max 3 photos. 1 horizontal. There’s no option of doing an IG post. 

Rolling Stone en Español: The Price depends on the artist, but it’s around $4,500

CARAS https://caras.perfil.com/  $2,000 

Pagina 12 https://www.pagina12.com.ar/  $2,200  

Cronica https://www.cronica.com.ar/ $1,900 

Diario Popular https://www.diariopopular.com.ar/  $2,100 

Noticias Perfil https://noticias.perfil.com  $1,650

Infobae https://www.infobae.com  $7,800




1. Adv page in Numéro Russia.

2. Adv page + an interview. You can choose whether you would like to have only adv or only interview or both.

It would be 4 pages, and usually from 1 to 3 photos. It would be the advertising pages

It comes out in the print issue.

Then it would be on numerorussia.com in the Numero Russia Girls Section and in the same Instagram


Online article: Price depends on client.


L’Officiel Arabia:

Print Cover + 8 pages inside magazine

   + Instagram post @lofficielarabia

   Cost: $ 11,600

  Distributed Through Middle East

Digital Cover + 8 images online https://www.lofficielarabia.com

   Cost $7,800

Print Inside feature: 4 pages: $6,800

Digital article: 4- 6 images with article: $4,700

Portfolio on digital $3,200

See example https://www.lofficielarabia.com/portfolio/sleeping-beauty

ELLE Arabia:

Digital Cover: 9.7K Dollars. It includes an interview.

Online articles:

https://www.forbesmiddleeast.com/. $6,900 Marked as Sponsored or $8,900 Not marked as Sponsored

https://www.khaleejtimes.com/. $2,500

https://timesofoman.com/. $2,500

https://www.raya.com/  $2,500

http://www.tradearabia.com/  $2,400

https://www.gdnonline.com/index.html. $2,500

https://www.alkhaleej.ae/. $2,500

https://www.newsofbahrain.com/. $2,400

https://gulfnews.com/. $3,100

https://www.arabnews.com/ $7,500

https://saudigazette.com.sa/ $3,100

https://www.okaz.com.sa/ $3,100

https://www.gulf-times.com/. $3,500. Marked as Sponsored

http://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/. $2,900. Marked as Sponsored

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/ $3,700. Marked as Sponsored

https://www.entrepreneur.com/en-ae. $9,600. Marked as Sponsored

https://www.arabianbusiness.com/. $4,500. Marked as Sponsored

https://gulfbusiness.com/. $3,900. Marked as Sponsored

https://www.gulftoday.ae/. $2,500. Marked as Sponsored



Online article + 1 IG post: Around 8.6K Euros

Marie Claire (Doesn’t show in Google when you Google your name)

Print Cover: $17,900

Online Cover: $6,900

Online article: $2,300

Below are a few rules of our cooperation:

1. First of all, it is necessary to agree on a candidate for the cover (model, artist, showman, designer, etc.). We have to study the profile on social networks, the activities of the model, check the reputation and positioning of the model in life. Each site has its own requirements for the model.

For example, for Marie Claire, model parameters are welcomed (height, thinness, youth, naturalness, natural beauty (no plastic, silicone, etc.), social, creative, charity work, clean reputation, intelligence, modesty.

2. After the model is approved, we must review the filming and photographs before agreeing to their placement. We agree on your mood board in advance or send you our mood board.

3. Shooting should use luxury brands. It is forbidden to sign clothes in credits posing as luxury brands if this is false information. You must strictly adhere to our working rules and mood board. There were times when we refused to post at the last minute because the shooting didn’t match our mood board.

3. After the approval of the layout and mood board, you make an advance payment of 30-50% or make a 100% advance payment before placing. We work exclusively on a prepaid basis.

4. Before placement, we agree with you all materials.

5. The name of the model appears in the credits to the article, not on the cover. You can also indicate in the credits (photographer, stylist, producer)

Cover example: 

The editors reserve the right to make the final choice of the photo for the cover and internal article. The editors also reserve the right to develop a digital cover design in accordance with its policy and concept.



Online article plus 1 IG post $3,700

Print cover between $17.6k and 27.6K. This also includes a 10-page feature in a print edition, the same feature appearing online at maxim.com.au and several social media posts.

Print inside feature. $7.7K but sometimes I can negotiate down to 5.5K (depending on how busy they are). 6 to 8 page feature in the print edition of MAXIM Australia) after images and text is supplied) depending on images

1 online feature posted on www.maxim.com.au (the same feature will be placed online once it is off sale). 

1 social media post on Instagram @maxim_aus


Muscle & Fitness Hers



-Online article + 2 Facebook posts +2 Twitter posts: $2,900

-Digital cover: $3,950 (usually for men)


-Online article + 2 Facebook posts +2 Twitter posts: $2,900

-Digital cover: $4,950


*There are Playboys in different countries and the prices depend on how busy they are, but for the print cover it is around $5.6K to $8.6K.


Marie Claire:

Digital cover: $13,000 It includes the photoshoot

Print Cover: $27,000 It includes the photoshoot

Online article: $4,700

IG Post: $3,600

El Heraldo de Mexico:

Digital article: $1,800

Print article: $2,000

Diario las Americas (USA): Online article: $1,800

El Nuevo Herald: Online article: $1,800

Univision (USA): Online article: $1,900 (for people related to Entertainment)

Rolling Stone en Español: Online article: The Price depends on the artist, but it’s around $4,500

El Imparcialhttps://www.elimparcial.com/  Online article: ($1,900) 862K Views

Imparcial Oxaca:  https://imparcialoaxaca.mx/ Online article: ($1,470)  137K Views

Cadena Noticias: https://cadenanoticias.com/ Online article: ($1,450) 67K Views

Lider Empresarial: https://www.liderempresarial.com/  Online article ($1,470)  420K Views

El Mundohttps://www.diarioelmundo.com.mx/ Online article ($1,490)  87K Views

El Siglo de Durango: https://www.elsiglodedurango.com.mx/ Online article ($1,480)  85K Views

El Siglo del Torreonhttps://www.elsiglodetorreon.com.mx/ Online article ($1,580)  301K Views



Online article: 3,900 Dollars

Rolling Stone en Español: Online article: The Price depends on the artist, but it’s around $4,500


Online article: 8,200 Dollars

Pulzo: Online article: https://www.pulzo.com/  $2,500

Technocio: https://technocio.com/ 42K Views. $1,700

Infobae: https://www.infobae.com/ 49M Views. $8,000

Noticias Al Día y la Hora: https://noticiasaldiayalahora.co 590K Views. $1,800

Revista Empresarial: https://revistaempresarial.com. 88K Views. $1,900


Online articles:

https://www.huffingtonpost.es/ $3,700

https://es.rollingstone.com/ The Price depends on the artist, but it’s around $4,500

https://www.elperiodico.digital/   ($1,375)  519K Views

https://www.noticias.info/  ($1,355)  470K monthly views 

https://www.elbierzodigital.com/   ($1,460)  362K Views

https://www.eldiarioalerta.com/ ($1,550)  174K Views

https://elcierredigital.com/  ($1,420)  170K Views

https://www.elperiodicodeaqui.com/  ($1,430)  60.8K Views

https://elperiodicodevillena.com/   ($1,390)  30K Views

https://indiehoy.com/. ($2,200) 1M Views

https://eldiadigital.es/  ($1,570)  28K Views

https://www.antena3.com/  $4,200

https://www.telecinco.es/ $9,000

https://www.cuatro.com/ $9,000

https://www.periodistadigital.com/  $2,100

https://navarra.elespanol.com/  $3,100

https://diariodeavisos.elespanol.com/  $1,650

https://www.ondacero.es/  $4,000


Online articles:

https://www.noticierovenevision.net/  $1,490

*FHM IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES (France, Canada, UK, South Africa, Sweden, Australia):

Print Cover: $7,500 (price can change)


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